Abide in Jesus Christ

Abide in Jesus Christ (John15:5) 1/31/2014

5I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.


  1. Although any body is a Christian, if he no God’s calling he shall not become a pastor. The pastors should have the proof of God’s calling in his heart. What is the proof of God’s calling? Shortly we can say that as our desiring to proclaim the Word of God to the church. In other words he should love the Scripture and preach the word of God to the church members. So Paul emphasized the you preach the word of God any seasons. If you have any desire to preach and teach the Word of God you have the calling of God.
  2. Our presbytery consisted of the men of God who God called for preaching. So they have equipped by godly characters, righteousness, godliness, faith love patience and humility in him. So if any pastor want to improve his ministry, first of all he should abide in Christ. Paul also emphasized the teaching in his ministry. En chritos (in Christ) is very important term to understand the Paul’s theology and his faith, Biblical faith.

For example,


How will we abide in Christ?


  1. We do not have to accept Christ again.
  1. Why? Already we live in Christ. It means to be ruled by the Lord by the grace of Holy Spirit. Because we stay in Christ we can not enter into the Christ. We should assure that I lives in the Lord Christ Jesus.
  2. Ex: A certain sister confessed that she invited Jesus one time everyday in her heart. It it alright? But she always is afraid of it. She had no true peace in her heart. Why? She has no assurance that depends on the Word of God. After she accept Jesus as her savior. One time eternally. She could enjoy her salvation in her heart.
  3. Where do you stay presently? Make sure that if we do not stay in Christ now accept

Jesus Christ as your savior.

  1. We have to devote ourselves to unite with Christ and His word.
  1. Jh 15:8 says “By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.

To abide in Christ means to abide in the Word of God or to be aided by the Word of God. it means to meditate the word of God in our heart. We should try to meditate it in our lives.

  1. Just like the psalmist of chapter 1 assure in his lives. We should be unnoted with the Word of God. then we can know that the wonderful communication, amazing koinonia in our lives through the work of Hoy Spirit. So we need to strong desire to read the Bible regularly.
  2. Just like Ezra did in the difficult age among chaos, we have to decide to read the word of God keep it and teach it to our church. Do you have such decision in your ministry? Then we can enjoy our ministry really among the tough field.
  1. We have to devote to ourselves to unite with His love.
  1. Already we reviewed the meaning God in Christ and in the Word of God, lastly we think of to abide in the love of God. For God is love if we accept God by believing Christ., we exactly stay in the God’s love, basically it means the experience o fullness of Holy Spirit. When we enjoy the love we can love our neighbors. So in our ministry we have to check up our heart with his love. To abide in God’s love is our beginning of every day every ministry any time any place.
  2. My presbytery should enjoy God’s love in their ministry. Let’s go to that place.


  1. Our presbytery concentrate to abide in Christ, the Word of God, the Love of God in order to product much fruit.
  2. May the grace be with you through abiding in Christ every day.

Let’s pray: